Overall in conclusion I am extremely happy with the outcome of my magazine and what I have achieved. I didn’t get off to a good start as I may have interpreted the brief slightly wrong. However after finishing all other assignments I put 100% focus on to this magazine.

What I learnt

I learnt a number of things whilst doing this assignment. How to make a make a magazine, how to interpret a re-design brief, the steps to go through when re-designing and technical skills in InDesign.

Doing this assignment has made me more aware of the research which should be carried out and this will definitely help me in the future when working on projects with clients, agencies etc.

What I struggled with

At first I struggled with the brief as I may have interpreted it differently for some reason. At the start I didn’t know which magazine to redesign, I could easily have chosen a completely bad designed magazine however I wanted a challenge to redesign something which wasn’t too easy.

I done a lot of research on the NYLON magazine before choosing it for my assignment. The main thing is that I learnt a lot from this assignment 🙂

If I had a chance to do this again I would probably change the font size on some of the pages such as the contents page as I think it may be a bit too big.


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