It is all about me


What are your talents, skills and abilities?

Sport, graphic design, photography, communication and networking

What resources are available to you?

Money, laptop, contacts, models and creative designers and professionals

Who can you approach for advice, support and guidance?

Lecturers, friends, families, business associates, professionals within the industries

What do other people see as your strengths?

Confidence, ambitious, passionate, perfectionist, versatile

What specialist knowledge do you have access to?

Internet, contacts such as professionals within the industry plus other partnering industries such as photography.


What talents, knowledge and skills are you lacking?

Crafting skills, knowledge about wood work, measurements and terminology of materials.

What do other people see as your weaknesses?

Worry too much, anxious about my work being perfect, too focused.

What resources (money, time, support, expertise) are you lacking?

Do you have certain personality traits that prevent you from reaching your goals? How will these be overcome?

Too obsessed with being perfect and stubbornness. Can be overcome by listening too people and keeping an open mind.


What opportunities are available to you?

What important goals could you pursue?

How can you capitalise on your strengths?

What opportunities would become available if you overcame your weaknesses?


What risks are you currently facing?

What obstacles are impeding your progress?

What external factors are affecting you negatively?

What threats do your weaknesses expose you to?


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