Year 1 – Developing Creative Practice

Overall the process of designing these posters was fun :). In the end I decided to keep the texture the same colour on all the posters however each poster has a different colour on the strips (pink, blue and purple). 

Although it was fun designing these posters, there were some downfalls such as, I wasn’t sure what area of design I wanted to base my posters on. I then decided to keep it simple and slick and focus on the typography and layout as it is a typography brief.

If I could do this again I would want to add some 3D effects in such as on the ‘SATURDAY SESSIONS’ title.


Below are the 3 final designs of the poster 🙂

Below are some of the textures I was going to use in my posters, but then after doing research on posters I decided not to add a texture and to focus on the colour and layout


If I did decide to use any textures I would have added a colour overlay. The colour would be 3 of the colours out of the colour palette which was given in the brief.