Year 1 – Introduction To Web Design

Overall I am extremely happy with my website. I knew exactly from the start what I wanted and what type of design when I done research. So it didn’t take me long to come up with a design.

Mostly everything went well when creating and designing my website. Even though I am not a web designer I done my research correctly and taught myself with some guidance from the internet and my peers.

If I had to do the website again I would probably and more animation to the website. 

The only thing I struggled with was using the J Query Slider. I followed online tutorials but even still it wouldn’t work. So I asked one of my family friends in Dubai why It wouldn’t work and he explained over the phone what I was doing wrong and then I fixed it


Today in class I showed my tutor Shelley my website and she really liked it, especially how I’ve worked with the images of the car. However there was one thing which she recommended that I changed, it was that I should change the layout of some of the content on the ‘Information’ page. So Shelley suggested that I use a table to show the statistics and data of the car. Below I have shown a screen shot of the table is use. 🙂

Firstly I created a 2 row 2 column table and then inserted the data. Then I styled the table by using classes ‘Odd’ and ‘Even’

Today I was in class and I decided to change the font I used on my website to Aaargh. This is a really nice font which is similar to Caviar Dreams font. I will still use Caviar Dreams but I will use this in my book 🙂

Below is a screen shot of the font Aaargh in action on the website 🙂

Below is a screen shot of Aaaargh on font squirrel where I downloaded the font from. Link >