Year 2 – Design Practice

  • Organised the group (allowed others to choose what they wanted to do more, rather than myself)
  • Researched on floor plans
  • Created a new floor plan
  • Researched on existing designs
  • Contacted printing companies for the best quote and great finish
  • Research on paper stock and finishing
  • Added colour to the final brochure design
  • Got the final design printed & collected
  • Created content for presentation with Emily
  • Kept the group communicated whilst on Easter holiday

The principle idea were for the characters to act as a guide, to convey a journey around the house. Our initial intent was to create a map or floor plan to reflect on this idea, in which we considered the interior of each room and how there would be a page on each part of the house, with a corresponding character for which to tell the tale. Subsequently the lines in the brochure aim to deliver the idea that the content relating to the artefacts are framed. Furthermore we also have fold out sections, which reflect on the functionalism of a map, whilst also interacting with the house. The colour palette that we chose reflect on the colours which exist in the museum. The outcome of which presents a very clear and concise picture for the ultimate consumer. Also the brochure can be easily used and allows different demographics to navigate around the house effectively.

Presentation questions which need to be answered;

– How you interpreted the brief?
– What your concept is?
– How the design elements convey the concept?

Zoe will answer Q1

Rachel & Siobhan will answer Q2

Myself and Emily will answer Q3

All the content for the presentation should be sent to Zoe by SUNDAY evening latest.

Emily wasn’t too sure what to do with the background and did not know what to do and said she doesn’t know what to do to the background. So I asked her to send me the InDesign file to see what I can do.

I decided to change the colour to a red which is a similar colour to the walls inside the museum (may show up pink for some reason?)

I decided to have the background pages red > white> red > white >  red > white > red > white to make it different and for it to seem like a journey.

The white pages has the content in red and the red pages has the content in white.