Year 2 – New Media

Always being visible – whether watched or not

Ruling class who exerted power over plebs.

Foucault – Discipline and punish (1977)


  • “an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugations of bodies and the control of populations”
  • The people who control you are yourself
  • Do we control one another?

Hart and Negri


Guy Deboard

Michel de Certeau


Tribal Consumers


Essay task:

To contexturalise your mashup using ideas related to participatory culture

Need to know:

  • Participatory culture
  • Ideas of control and ownership
  • Copyright
  • The rhetoric’s that situate mash ups and participatory culture

Although I’ve already posted about my idea, concept etc. I thought I’d do a whole new post which has everything in one post.

The concept

My concept is representation. I wanted to create a picture which shows how Usain Bolt is represented and linked with a Cheetah.

The Idea

My idea is to create a mash up Usain Bolt and a Cheetah. Bolt is the fastest man on the planet and a Cheetah is the fastest animal on a planet.

I got this idea because a lot of people say Usain Bolt is not human! but really he is. In athletics Bolt wins every race, it’s almost like he’s not human.

The Theories

In the essay the main theories I will be looking at are;

  • Semiotics
  • Representation
  • Identity
  • Intertextuality

In the essay I want to discuss;

  • How Bolt compares to other Olympic sprinters and most importantly a Cheetah. Bolt is extremely fast, however he is 38 percent slower than an 11-year-old resident of the Cincinnati Zoo.
  • How Bolt and a Cheetah are similar
  • Why they are both similar
  • Why is Bolt linked to a Cheetah and not any other animal?
  • Other examples of a human being linked to an animal

I also want to bring science in to this essay by talking about laser technology which was used to analyse Bolt’s speed at Van Dame Memorial

There has recently been a invention of Sarah, the Cheetah Robot, which runs faster than Bolt, and was clocked in at 28.30 miles per hour.

I wanted the final mash up to show that Usain Bolt is really human, however he is so FAST that he is ‘not human’

Before starting this mash up, I had to make sure I have enough material to write a few thousand words essay, and after doing research, I believe I have enough.

I am really excited to start doing this essay, it will be fun and challenging. I believe I will learn a lot from doing this essay 🙂

Below is my final mash up piece. I am extremely happy with what I have produced. One of the reason why I went down this route is because I have loved fashion and sport since I was young, so when ever I am set a task to do a project of my choice, it mostly ends up in the direction of sport or fashion.

I look forward to the next assignment of this module which is to write an essay about this mash up of Usain Bolt and a Cheetah! 🙂

Usain Boilt & Cheetah

After speaking to Sharri last lesson, I have decided that for the essay, these are the four main theories that I will be looking at are;

  • Semiotics
  • Representation
  • Identity
  • Intertextuality

What is semiotics theory?

“The theory and study of signs and symbols, especially as elements of language or other systems of communication, and comprising semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics is called semiotics.
The science that deals with signs or sign language.The use of signs in signaling, as with a semaphore is called semiology.”

What is media representation theory?

“Representation refers to the construction in any medium (especially the mass media of aspects of ‘reality’ such as people, places, objects, events, cultural identities and other abstract concepts. Such as representations may be in speech or writing as well as still or moving pictures.”

The reason why I researched ‘media’ representation theory is because Usain Bolt plays a major role in the media and is a global icon. The link shown above has given me full knowledge on the word ‘representation’.

What is Identity theory?

“Identity theory,  in philosophy, one view of modern Materialism that asserts that mind and matter, however capable of being logically distinguished, are in actuality but different expressions of a single reality that is material. Strong emphasis is placed upon the empirical verification of such statements as: “Thought is reducible to motion in the brain”

What is Intertextuality theory?

Intertextuality seems such a useful term because it foregrounds notions of relationality, interconnectedness and interdependence in modern cultural life. In the Postmodern epoch, theorists often claim, it is not possible any longer to speak of originality or the uniqueness of the artistic object, be it a painting or novel, since every artistic object is so clearly assembled from bits and pieces of already existent art.”

The reason why I chose these four main theories are because I will be explaining why Usain Bolt is linked to a Cheetah and not any other animal. Also why are they similar? what characteristics do they share?

This will be an extremely fun and challenging essay, which I really look forward to doing!! 🙂

I decided to add rips to the cheetah skin on the chest, right shoulder and left leg to show that under the cheetah skin he is really human. The rip on the shorts represents that inside he is like a cheetah, because when he is racing that’s what he is compared to as he is so fast.

Usain Boilt & Cheetah
I added a shadow on the Seiko WR board so that the body shadow runs over it to make it more realistic. I also added some light on Bolt’s trainers as it makes more sense that the light is coming from the top right

Usain Boilt & Cheetah

Below is a rough edit of the face also covered in cheetah skin. However I don’t feel it looks right and also makes it harder to tell that it is Usain Bolt.

I also asked a few friends and family and they also suggested, I kept that face normal.

Usain Boilt & Cheetah 2