Year 2 – Self Initiated Project

At the beginning of Self Initiated, Sharri said we could either create a folder with all our work or use the blog. So I have decided to show all my work in a folder.


About Lee Miller

With London Fashion Week attracting designers from all walks of life, there is one which clearly stands out from the crowd. And with a name that pays homage to the famous “Ciao! Manhattan” movie, it’s no surprise why.
Using a pseudoym to launch his “Dr. Robert” brand, Lee Miller will debut his collection for the very first time at London Fashion Week on Sunday 16th September.

The stunning collection features luxury loungewear, a strong array of sultry leathers in exclusive pieces, from handmade totes to small evening clutches decorated in exotic skins.

After holding highly placed positions for major industry brands Alexander McQueen and Diesel to name a few, the London-born designer found the confidence and drive to use the knowledge to start his own.

Materials used include matte jersey, taffetas, double faced cashmere and wool gabardine, while accessories and luggage come in exotic skins and suede. The spring/summer 2013 collection is showcased in a salon-style presentation on September 16 – see events.

Lee Miller Interview – Fashion styleology

Fashion styleology sat down exclusively with the designer to talk bags, movies and all things fashion!

Explain your definition of Fashion.

For me Fashion should be intimidating and make people react through your style choice, otherwise it’s just not working, I like the idea of wearing formal clothes in informal settings and informal clothes at formal functions.

If you look at a product and it relates to your lifestyle and second to that, mirrors what the designer does or had in mind in the design process then its worked. If you look at say Chanel, you can see that women buy Chanel because they feel that lifestyle.

Do you agree a luxury accessory can make anybody look special, regardless of what they’re wearing?

Absolutely, you can be wearing a night dress and slippers, but if you have a fantastic handbag accessory or great shoes then yes you will get all the attention you need.

Please, tell us more about yourself: what do you feel has been your greatest achievement so far?

I was born and raised in Stratford, East London and I left school at a very young age. I spent a lot of my youth in the clubs of 80’s London and ended up in New York in the 90s, where I began to understand the real work ethic and developed a real taste for fashion. Eventually, I moved back to London in 2000 and took a part time course in Shoe Making and Hand Made goods at Cordwainers College where my Uncle was a tutor, and through that experience decided to one day have my own range- and here I am!

My greatest achievement has been putting this collection together as I had an idea in my mind and it folded out so easily.

Have you always dreamt of being a designer or was it a progression?

Well, my mum was a shoe maker for Rayne’s shoes (who held the royal crest and had a great store on the Brompton road by Harrods) She was also a sample piece machinist in the 60s and 70s, so I grew up around patterns and bits of fabrics going in and out of the house. In truth, I evolved into it as I spent a lot of time focusing on other areas and travelling. I am unconventional and like the orthodox approach in life, as in do what you want when you feel it’s right.

You are unveiling your debut collection at London Fashion Week; please tell us a bit more about it.

My collection is an Ultra-Modern Leisure Wear and Accessories collection titled, ‘Dr.Robert’ by Lee Miller. The name originates from the movie Ciao Manhattan- I share the same name as the famous War Photographer and Fashion Muse Lee Miller. Due to domain controls and brand identity, I had to adopt a pseudonym, which is where the ‘Dr.Robert’ tag from the film came through.

It is my first season so I am holding a rolling/looped salon style presentation as there is an Illuminated list of designers showing the same day as me. In effect, I have to accommodate people coming in and out, but to be honest, I prefer the informal drop in as it allows people to visit me as well the all the others on show that day.

Would you consider expanding your luxury accessory designs to luxury clothes designs in the future?

I have added in some RTW pieces into the debut as a backdrop to the accessories with a slant on luxe leisure wear, so you will see those in the presentation.

Are your accessories all handcrafted in the UK?

I wanted to work with British Factories and UK Artisan’s and I am a real supporter of UK small businesses. I’m sure in the end you have to outsource your work, but I would prefer to keep everything domestic as of now because it means more to me to have MADE IN ENGLAND on the label.

Would you consider marketing your products internationally?

Absolutely, I am working already with a USA online retailer and my pieces go live on their site post the show. I think the huge number of International Buyers in London this season are a great opportunity for new brands.

Regarding the leather material used, i.e. python and crocodile, are the animals killed according to ethical standards?

Yes I do work with CITE certificated suppliers and all the skins I use are traceable to origin.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs from- anyone in particular?

I am always inspired by eccentric people who lay it all on. I, of course, love Edie Beale (from the movie Grey Gardens) as she wore skirts as capes, trousers as pashminas! I also admire people who are on the move whether naturally or forced as they have to think about what they wear, aswell as the function and fabric. I find Medical Uniform and Military clothing inspiring in a design sense, as it has such formality to it but allows you to breathe and gives movement .
I’m working with a music duo called The Home Office and often listening to the music they produce inspires my design process- it makes me think about marching in the streets in a ball gown to their track and it articulates from there.

Fashion for men is becoming more and more demanding: would you consider a mens only collection in the future?

I have already designed and have the men’s accessories and leisure wear in place and will showcase them in January during London Men’s Week so watch this space.

Fashionstyleology will be reporting live from the event to bring you the best Dr.Roberts has to offer.

By Paola Berta

From a very young age I’ve had a strong interest in fashion. Still to this date I read a lot of fashion magazines and websites on a daily basis, such as; Vogue, Elle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Fashion

I also get inspiration from my own work. When photographing celebrities and models, I look back at my work and analyse the style, clothing, make-up and hair.


About Sophia Christodoulou

Height: 5’7

Weight: 8 stone

Bust: 32

Waist: 23

Hips: 30

Cup: DD

Dress: 6/8

Shoe: 6

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hair length: Long

Eye color: Brown

Ethnicity: Greek

Skin color: Olive

Sophia Christodoulou’s modelling history

  • VV magazine
  • Sadie Bareham Bridal
  • Martin Neov Look-book
  • Numerous test shoots for photographer’s portfolio’s

The reason why I have chosen Sophia Christodoulou

The reason why I have chosen Sophia for this photo shoot is because she has the modern sophisticated look which is the look I’m going for in this photo shoot. She also has experience in fashion photo shoots. It will be fun working with her, look forward to it!

Framed Photo’s

For my final outcome I want 3 powerful images which inspire others.

These images will be printed on high quality photography paper in A2.

The 3 photographs will also be framed on A2 clip frames (shown below)

These 3 framed photographs will be on show in a university exhibition as well as online;

  • My website
  • Model’s portfolio
  • Make Up Artists portfolio
  • Fashion Designer website

Portfolio book

I want to create a book which has;

  • A4 size
  • 15-20 pages
  • 30-40 photographs (all edited)
  • Matt lamination
  • Gloss lamination on photographs
  • Portrait and landscape photographs

Below are some examples of portfolio books which I like;