Year 2 – Typography for Print

I’ve just realised I’ve done 91 posts for Typography For Print! 🙂


Overall I am EXTREMELY happy with what I have produced. I have learnt A LOT in this Typography module.

Today we had to present our books to the class and explain why you have done certain things. The presentation went really well, everyone liked my book and I got some amazing comments from Kate and my peers. I am very very pleased that the book I created is interesting and fun to look at and read.

The only down side to the book is that my content on the back cover is around 1cm to the right and not in the centre. Andi from Mayfair Printing Co said that when producing 1 perfect bound book its 50/50 whether the back and front cover will be centered. However that is a minor problem as in the real world I would get it printed again.

I will be contacting Vogue, Pantone and Lucy Hutchings to show them my book 🙂

Below are two images of the book 🙂


Earlier, I sent Andi from my 2 PDF documents;

  1. Front and back covers
  2. Inside pages

My PDF files were in spreads, however earlier I got a call from Andi saying she needs the PDF in single pages (inside pages only). So I went in to InDesign > Document setup > Unchecked Facing Pages.

This does mean my InDesign file will look different to when I started to create it, however I will leave the file how it is just in case I delete something which I wasn’t meant to!

Below I have shown my front and back cover along with the spine in the middle. I wasn't unsure how to create the front and back cover with a spine, I then called up Mayfair Printing Co and they explained how I should do it. I have gone for a simple, clean and sleek design for this. Earlier on in the year I experimented with a lot of designs. However this is the new design I have come up with. Poppy Red is my favorite colour from the Pantone 2013 list, so I decided to bring this colour to the front and back pages.

Below is a design I came up for the Lemon Zest page. I decided to have an all yellow background and black text.

However when I showed Kate this page, she loved it! however she asked me to see what it would look like if the LEMON ZEST and PANTONE 13-0756 was in white text. So I tried it and to be honest I really like it! The white text generates a lot of bright attention to the reader! Thanks Kate! 🙂6

Below are the fonts that I will have used in my book

Bodoni Bd BT Bold

Bodoni BdCn BT Bold

Bodoni Bk BT Book

Bodoni Bk BT Book Italic

Bodoni BoldItalic Cyrilic

Bodoni BT Italic

Bodoni BT Roman

Bodoni CameoC Regular

Bodoni CG ATT Regular

Bodoni CondCTT Regular

Bodoni CTT Italic

Bodoni CTT Regular

Bodoni Cyrillic

Bodoni ICG Regular

Bodoni Normal Regular