This is my spread for Get The Look. In the current NYLON magazine they have the US prices only when it’s being sold in UK? Which doesn’t make sense at all. Also the layout is too tacky in my eyes.

So with this spread I decided to have the photo of the full outfit being worn and then to show each item and the price in both British Pounds and US Dollars.

NYLON version

20130517_171307 20130517_171322

My redesign

Get the look


These are front covers which I am heavily inspired by. They are very sleek with very good layout design. As you can notice all of these covers don’t have a lot of text.

The current NYLON magazines all have a lot of text which covers the whole front cover, NYLON has been criticized for this a number of times. So I have decided to go for front covers with not much text. 
LuxuryCover Mina-Cvetkovic-Christian-Conti-Soma-00-355x461 Screen-Shot-2012-08-22-at-11.26 (1)d887ef78c12efaf3b8d0b90aaae1dd2f 49255b0beeb8a22dd0e3f2b3571eff59

With my news section I wanted to keep it very easy to read as in the current NYLON issues they are very all over the place and confusing to read. The articles in the current magazines are split by a zip. I did like the zip idea and didn’t want to take it away as much, so I decided to use forward slashes (/) to make a zip like design. 


My spread


Inspired spreads
The 2 photos shown above are where I got my inspiration from when producing my own spread. They are extremely well designed with a unique eye. They make readers want to keep on reading as they’re interesting. This is something which Mary had told me to do, make my spreads more interested.

Below is a photo I took of a grid specification from a grid book from the library. This grid is something similar to what I wanted in the sense that I wanted no text going outside the margins.

For some reason the image below will not upload landscape, sorry Mary!



So I have decided to use a similar grid specification. I couldn’t use the same specification shown above as the size of my magazine is different and a grid is designed specifically for the size of the magazine and it’s needs. I have made the inside margins bigger as I don’t want any text to be hidden as the magazine is open.


Capture 23

Below is my colour palette which I have chosen from my research and I will be using a number of these colours in the design.

I have chosen these colours because they relate to keywords in my brief such as luxury, classy & modern. The colours I have chosen are warm in order for the reader to feel comfortable when reading.

CaptureThere may be a few of these colours which I do not use. But these are the colours which I’m focusing on.